New “Tech” Mattress Companies disrupting the sleep industry

As movers know it sometimes is impossible to get a mattress (or more likely boxspring) into a small hallway, stairway, or small elevator. And if you want to move “just” a mattress and boxspring you are looking at a 2 or 3 hour minimum with 2 movers. At around a $100 per hour it sometimes still makes sense as the cost of a new mattress is in the thousands. Part of that expense is all the middlemen and the shipping costs. Not how much the mattress store is charging you for shipping. (That cost is built into the cost of the mattress increasing the price. I once had a woman insist I match to the $30 a mattress company charged her when she bought her mattress new. $2000 to ship a mattress across the US during the busy Summer season. She could have shipped more. There was 2500 pound minimum. She could not understand that it actually costs more than $30 to ship a bed.)

Now two tech companies are looking to disrupt the mattress industry. They are getting rid of the middlemen – distributors, salespeople, showrooms, advertising, and by changing the shipping method from freight or local trucking to a small package company such as UPS or FedEx. The US! manufacturers compress the foam memory mattress so they are UPSable and easily purchased online via Amazon.

You will still need a boxspring, platform bed or the floor for support

Tuft & Needle | | 877-842-2586 | Founded 2012 | $350-$750

Casper | | 888 498 0003 | Founded 2014 | $500-$950

Leesa | | 844 335 3372 | Founded ???? | $425-$1070

Moving Tip #1 Change Your Address

Change your address with your credit card companies BEFORE the move date. If you are moving long distance they may interpret out of state charges associated to your move as fraudulent and prevent you from using your credit card.

Beginning Tables

I think Zig Ziglar would have agreed:

Most sofas have two beginning tables not end tables. #movinghumor

Not End Tables Beginning tables

Not End Tables Beginning tables

Tetris turns Thirty

Loading a moving truck is very much like the game of Tetris, Except the pieces are all different and you a re playing in 3D.

Tetris Pieces

Tetris Pieces


Tetris turned 30 in June 2014

Tractor Trailer hits bridge on Meadowbrook Parkway NY VIDEO

This took place on the Meadowbrook Parkway on Long Island NY.

Many of the comments relate to how the person videotaping should have warned the driver. Which he did appear to have time to, in my opinion. Commenters also mention the driver should have seen the signs. As a CDL driver myself, it is well known that outside the NYC area there are not many parkways. So drivers from out the area don’t realize that there are low bridges. And I see a rental truck on parkways about once every two weeks. I just saw first time a police officer giving a ticket to a rental truck driver a few weeks ago.

Why do parkways have low bridges?

One legend is that Robert Moses is that “ built low bridges to keep buses — ostensibly carrying black passengers — away from Jones Beach.

Professor Jackson also challenges two allegations in “The Power Broker”: One is that Moses chilled the water at a swimming pool in East Harlem based on his belief that blacks disliked cold water. The other is that Moses built low bridges to keep buses — ostensibly carrying black passengers — away from Jones Beach.

Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Parkways on LI generally end at a park.

How did the truck make it under the first bridge with a low height?

Many posted heights are wrong. Often at railroad crossings. (at it seems to happen once a month (72 times!) since 2008 ) Curved bridges have different heights at different locations. The revolutionary designed transverse roads allow traffic to cross “under” NYC Central Park(opened in 1857). Take a look under the bridges and see how many scrapes there are.

NY Daily News Article

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