Steam powered moving truck travels 265 miles

In July 2012 Bishop’s Move based in Chessington, Surrey, UK drove? a 1929 Foden Model HH steam wagon from Surrey to Cornwall, UK.

It is equipped and painted as a “truck” or Lorry would have been at the time. They traveled 265 miles at approx 15 mph. It runs on coal and water.

Would you say this is a green transport vehicle? The coal produces waste. But so does the coal plant that generates electricity for your hybrid or electric vehicle.


More info on the company’s Spot the Steamer contest website

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moveology \ˈmüv-ˈä-lə-jē\ The study of moving your stuff.

Ok, well moveology is not a real word, but neither was the word “blog” when it was first introduced. This blog is all about practical advice about the moving industry.

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Why I am writing this? I have had the idea to write a blog on moving for a few years now. The problem is When you are a mover you do not have time to do much of anything. I am a detailed oriented and efficient individual. So throughout my career, I have taken note of practices with different companies. Moving is a stressful experience, I am able to emphasize with the shipper (the person moving or being moved). I will provide advice questions and answers on all things moving. From choosing a mover, packing yourself, to storage options, and (for the bold) moving yourself.

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I have worked in the transportation industry (with the majority in the moving and storage industry) since 1994. With regards to moving I have pretty much done it all. I started out during college summers for one of the high class moving industry pioneers in the New York as a humper (moving helper), then moved on as packer. Armed with a college edumacation, I worked as a supervisor for FedEx Ground. I absolutely, positively had to join in the dotcom revolution in its heyday. With my own move to the UES of NYC, I worked with a New York City mover until a programming and then advertising / research position opened in “Silicon Alley”. When the bubble burst, I worked for an air and ocean international freight forwarder. September 11th and internet competition shrunk the freight forwarding industry and my position. So back to moving as a driver/crew chief for a local company in Westchester and later as a warehouseman / dispatcher for an international mover. With over a decade and a half of experience in all aspects of moving, I moved to a position as a certified moving sales consultant.

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