10 Uses for Moving & Packing Tape

May 19, 2014 by

That PVC clear, tan, or brown tape. Usually it is 2 ” wide and 55 yards long. Whether you call it standard carton sealing tape, packing tape, moving tape, pressure sensitive tape. Of course you can use it for sealing boxes. Here are some other uses for tape:


Brown Tan and Clear Tapes

Brown Tan and Clear Tapes

  1. 1. Holding blankets on furniture
  2. 2. Strap for lifting furniture
  3. 3. Reverse tape and apply directly to furniture to keep drop leaf table from opening or door etc.
  4. 4. Create a handle for carry a box
  5. 5. Emergency wound care
  6. 6. Art
  7. 7. Crafts: packing tape transfer
  8. 8. Sculpture
  9. 9. Use with a tape gun to scare pets and small children (or try this Scotch Low Noise Tape Dispenser H150, 48 mm)
  10. 10. Use instead of duct tape
  11. 11. Seal boxes – Duh! (The one thing duck tape cant do well.)

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