How To Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment for Nassau County NY

Property taxes on Long Island are some of the highest in the state and the country.

If you want ARC to review your property’s assessment, appeal between January 2 and March 3. Yes there is still time. You may file electronically without an attorney with the
Nassau County Assessment Review Commission – ARC:
Free advice on how to file your Nassau County LI NY Property Tax Grievance:

Research public information on similar properties assessments:
with the Nassau County Land Records Viewer

Deadline Saturday MAR 1 2014!

Happy Valentine’s Day: Risque Chairs

IKEA has a chair on chair action ad.

IKEA Chair on Chair Ad

IKEA Chair on Chair Ad

Of course PRO Movers know the proper way to load chairs is to “marry them” together. Others may come up with a more risque description.


Married Chairs

Married Chairs

This photo is for illustration purposes. A professional moving company would never “marry” two naked chairs they would first wrap them each in a cozy moving blanket.

Torggler Door – cool futuristic barn door

The video speaks for itself:

and another version:

Death by Safe

No it’s not a cartoon reenactment. Moving is stressful, it can actually kill you. This famous death was from not being able to move a safe dial. Jack Daniel, yes that Jack Daniel, distiller and farmer apparently injured his toe while kicking his safe in frustration.  He later died of “blood poisoning from operation”.

Jack Daniel’s death certificate

Jack Daniel’s death certificate

Jack Daniel's safe

Jack Daniel’s safe

See more strange deaths at