Moving your goods via bicycle

The bicycle is an efficient way to get around. The bicycle is the “fad that lasted”. And people have moved the contents of their home via human powered bikes with trailers. Big things too, such as mattresses and pianos and sofas.

Here is a “how to” guide by Portland’s SHIFT

Below is a StreetFilms video of a Portland, Oregon self move from almost a decade ago:


And there are a few companies that will move you professionally by bike.

Montréal, Quebec, Canada (514) 800-2149 since 2008

Boston, Massachusetts, USA (800) 442-6863 since Jan 2012. They have locations across the country maybe they will be offering at their expanded NYC office soon?

Gothenburg & Malmo, Sweden Mar 2012? 040-616 06 55

Kansas City, MO, USA (816) 842-7700 since Mar 2012

A different type of house moving in Long Beach, NY

Moving a house up on temporary braces so a 1st floor can be built below it. from

House moving in Long Beach NY

DIY Tissue dispenser for a roll of Toilet paper

Sorry George Costanza there have been yet even more advances in toilet paper …

Use your toilet paper roll box as tissues for your nose. Instead of carrying around a toilet paper roll, reuse a square tissue box.

  • Open the tissue box
  • Cut out or pull out the center tube of the toilet paper roll
  • Place toilet paper roll in tissue box.  Pull tissue from the center through the tissue box opening
  • Tape the box closed

You can also use Scott Naturals™ Tube-Free Bath Tissue , so there is no roll to be removed.

Video here for these instructions:

There are also more permanent toilet  / bath paper roll to tissue dispenser products on amazon:

Or you can skip using the old toilet paper box and keep the outside from unwinding by taping or wrapping in cardboard/ paperboard or card stock. See Instructables instructions:

Now you have reused your tissue box  You will save from buying extra packaging in the future for tissue box purchases. Best of all you will save money and never run out of “tissues” again.

Or when I reuse You

Or when I reuse You

Happy Earth day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.

Great way to upcycle / repurpose your old baby grand piano

Over the years I have seen many pianos just disposed of. Many people are in shock that it will cost then at least $300 to move a piano their friend is giving them for free. And that would be a for a small spinet piano that 2 movers can transport. An Upright Grand or baby grand piano will require 3 movers to transport. Often I have charged clients just to take away and dispose of the 300 – 800 pound monster. It is such a shame, many pianos have beautiful craftsmanship and many be over 100 years old. A cracked soundboard often makes the pianos not worth the effort to restore.

This is one way you can change your perspective and repurpose that old baby grand piano into a bookshelf or book case.

via BookPorn:

Another one via Green Spot antique shop:

A custom furniture designer in Estonia




Beethoven Cabinetry In Elkhart, IN (Available for purchase in their Etsy store)

Baby Grand Piano Bookcases in     Cherry, Honduras Crotch Mahogany, Linen White Lacquer, Black Lacquer with Ebony Trim

This DIY project bookcase will give a spot to write your own book as well: