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Moving your goods via bicycle

The bicycle is an efficient way to get around.┬áThe bicycle is the “fad that lasted”. And people have moved the contents of their home via human powered bikes with trailers. Big things too, such as mattresses and pianos and sofas. … Continue reading

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A different type of house moving in Long Beach, NY

Moving a house up on temporary braces so a 1st floor can be built below it. from

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DIY Tissue dispenser for a roll of Toilet paper

Sorry George Costanza there have been yet even more advances in toilet paper … Use your toilet paper roll box as tissues for your nose. Instead of carrying around a toilet paper roll, reuse a square tissue box. Open the … Continue reading

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Great way to upcycle / repurpose your old baby grand piano

Over the years I have seen many pianos just disposed of. Many people are in shock that it will cost then at least $300 to move a piano their friend is giving them for free. And that would be a … Continue reading

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