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Moving Tip #4: Mark Essential Items Box as “OPEN FIRST LOAD LAST”

Whether you are moving Locally, Long Distance, or Internationally you will want access to some items as soon as you arrive at your new home. Mark the box:


You can mark this in large letters on all sides. You may want to use a brightly colored tape to distinguish it from other boxes.  You can also mention the importance of the box  to the crew. A great place to leave the box is on a kitchen counter. This way it wont be mixed in with other boxes.

A similar box is a hardware box. Some companies use a “PARTS BOX” which is prominently marked and also loaded last and comes off first at the destination. This is done especially when moving long distance or internationally. This contains ALL the hardware for all your items.

Some Suggested Essentials to include are:

  • Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Clothing

Brings items with you that you need immediate access to, such as new keys, medicine, important papers.

10 Uses for Moving & Packing Tape

That PVC clear, tan, or brown tape. Usually it is 2 ” wide and 55 yards long. Whether you call it standard carton sealing tape, packing tape, moving tape, pressure sensitive tape. Of course you can use it for sealing boxes. Here are some other uses for tape:


Brown Tan and Clear Tapes

Brown Tan and Clear Tapes

  1. 1. Holding blankets on furniture
  2. 2. Strap for lifting furniture
  3. 3. Reverse tape and apply directly to furniture to keep drop leaf table from opening or door etc.
  4. 4. Create a handle for carry a box
  5. 5. Emergency wound care
  6. 6. Art
  7. 7. Crafts: packing tape transfer
  8. 8. Sculpture
  9. 9. Use with a tape gun to scare pets and small children (or try this Scotch Low Noise Tape Dispenser H150, 48 mm)
  10. 10. Use instead of duct tape
  11. 11. Seal boxes – Duh! (The one thing duck tape cant do well.)

Death by Safe

No it’s not a cartoon reenactment. Moving is stressful, it can actually kill you. This famous death was from not being able to move a safe dial. Jack Daniel, yes that Jack Daniel, distiller and farmer apparently injured his toe while kicking his safe in frustration.  He later died of “blood poisoning from operation”.

Jack Daniel’s death certificate

Jack Daniel’s death certificate

Jack Daniel's safe

Jack Daniel’s safe

See more strange deaths at

Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns 2013

2013 Migration Patterns
2012 Migration Patterns by Atlas Van Lines

Mashup photos of crimes and disasters in NYC with modern day

Mashup photos of crimes and disasters in NYC with modern day

New York City then & now: Famous Daily News photos brought back to life:

vintage burning building mashup with present day

NYC Photo mashups of crimes and disasters

Note the budget moving rental truck double parked.

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