Moving your goods via bicycle

The bicycle is an efficient way to get around. The bicycle is the “fad that lasted”. And people have moved the contents of their home via human powered bikes with trailers. Big things too, such as mattresses and pianos and sofas.

Here is a “how to” guide by Portland’s SHIFT

Below is a StreetFilms video of a Portland, Oregon self move from almost a decade ago:


And there are a few companies that will move you professionally by bike.

Montréal, Quebec, Canada (514) 800-2149 since 2008

Boston, Massachusetts, USA (800) 442-6863 since Jan 2012. They have locations across the country maybe they will be offering at their expanded NYC office soon?

Gothenburg & Malmo, Sweden Mar 2012? 040-616 06 55

Kansas City, MO, USA (816) 842-7700 since Mar 2012

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2 Responses to “Moving your goods via bicycle”

  1. moveology says:

    It appears there was a French company that also moved by bicycle but their website ( is currently down

  2. moveology says:

    I think it would be a little tougher here in NY with more congested areas. Try a moving from a 6 flight walkup to an elevator building. This will be a little more difficult than riding up someones lawn. bikesnobnyc gives their seal of disapproval on bike moves outside of Portland as well as a kickstarter move by bike book here: bikesnobnyc moving by bike theres no i in communaty

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