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Beginning Tables

I think Zig Ziglar would have agreed: Most sofas have two beginning tables not end tables. #movinghumor

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Tetris turns Thirty

Loading a moving truck is very much like the game of Tetris, Except the pieces are all different and you a re playing in 3D.   Tetris turned 30 in June 2014

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Tractor Trailer hits bridge on Meadowbrook Parkway NY VIDEO

This took place on the Meadowbrook Parkway on Long Island NY. Many of the comments relate to how the person videotaping should have warned the driver. Which he did appear to have time to, in my opinion. Commenters also mention … Continue reading

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10 Uses for Moving & Packing Tape

That PVC clear, tan, or brown tape. Usually it is 2 ” wide and 55 yards long. Whether you call it standard carton sealing tape, packing tape, moving tape, pressure sensitive tape. Of course you can use it for sealing boxes. … Continue reading

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How to pack mirrors or small pictures for moving

Packing pictures, mirrors, posters or any other framed or flat item can be challenging for the non professional packer. Add a layer of padding to the bottom of the box. Use bubble wrap, clean unprinted newsprint or towels or flat clothing
Wrap each picture in bubble wrap or unprinted newsprint and stand on edge in the box
Fill in any empty spaces with padding. If all items are tight they can not shift and break.
Put a layer of padding on top there should be some resistance when you close the box.
Mark ⬆ “UP” arrows ⬆ on the box and “FRAGILE” or “GLASS”. As always mark each box with your name, the room the items are going to, and a description of the items. Continue reading

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Arhaus in the middle of the street

Arhaus in the middle of the street Continue reading

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How To Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment for Nassau County NY

Free advice on how to file your Nassau County Long Island, NY Property Tax Grievance: Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Risque Chairs

IKEA has a chair on chair action ad. Of course PRO Movers know the proper way to load chairs is to “marry them” together. Others may come up with a more risque description.   This photo is for illustration purposes. … Continue reading

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Torggler Door – cool futuristic barn door

The video speaks for itself: and another version:

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Death by Safe

No it’s not a cartoon reenactment. Moving is stressful, it can actually kill you. This famous death was from not being able to move a safe dial. Jack Daniel, yes that Jack Daniel, distiller and farmer apparently injured his toe … Continue reading

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