You never know what you can find in a storage unit.

Jan 8, 2014 by

The case of Vivian Maier via


One of Vivian Maier’s storage lockers via

It started with a search for vintage photos and a chance purchase.
Moved to a wordpress blog with no visitors ( like this one).
Upgraded to a kickstarter campaign to make a documentary
And along the way ended up saving part of an unknown photographers history and photographs from going into the trash from a storage unit.
“It’s almost as if she left a perfectly arranged puzzle to be put together after her death.”

FYI that does not look like a “(packed) storage locker”. The unit appears to be half or three quarters full.  If you do not need to access the items frequently she probably could have used one unit. And these units may have been used for years.  Note the North American Moving boxes in the picture of the storage room appear to be the sturdiest ones.