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moveology \ˈmüv-ˈä-lə-jē\ The study of moving your stuff.

Ok, well moveology is not a real word, but neither was the word “blog” when it was first introduced. This blog is all about practical advice about the moving industry.

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Why I am writing this? I have had the idea to write a blog on moving for a few years now. The problem is When you are a mover you do not have time to do much of anything. I am a detailed oriented and efficient individual. So throughout my career, I have taken note of practices with different companies. Moving is a stressful experience, I am able to emphasize with the shipper (the person moving or being moved). I will provide advice questions and answers on all things moving. From choosing a mover, packing yourself, to storage options, and (for the bold) moving yourself.

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I have worked in the transportation industry (with the majority in the moving and storage industry) since 1994. With regards to moving I have pretty much done it all. I started out during college summers for one of the high class moving industry pioneers in the New York as a humper (moving helper), then moved on as packer. Armed with a college edumacation, I worked as a supervisor for FedEx Ground. I absolutely, positively had to join in the dotcom revolution in its heyday. With my own move to the UES of NYC, I worked with a New York City mover until a programming and then advertising / research position opened in “Silicon Alley”. When the bubble burst, I worked for an air and ocean international freight forwarder. September 11th and internet competition shrunk the freight forwarding industry and my position. So back to moving as a driver/crew chief for a local company in Westchester and later as a warehouseman / dispatcher for an international mover. With over a decade and a half of experience in all aspects of moving, I moved to a position as a certified moving sales consultant.

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