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Hacking a smart home front door lock

Having a smart home may add convenience to your life and to a hacker who wants to enter your home.


A hacker opens a Vera lite door lock.

Turn a Rear Projection TV into a 2000ºF death ray.

Finally a use for huge rear projection Televisions – 2000 degree death ray.

It usually does not sense to move these monster and definitely does not make sense to repair them. I often see them on the side of the road or have them offered to me on moving estimates. Inside is a death ray AKA a Fresnel lens. This can be used to focus the sun’s rays to a focal point. Also inside are some other interesting items that could be salvaged: optics Speakers, plexiglass, etc. You could mention this to a prospective new owner when you plan to get rid of unwanted items before you move.

Is amazon going to send UPS and FedEx the way of the bookstore?

Sounds like Dominos Pizza Redux but it is a real Amazon project. Octocopter drones making deliveries in 30 minutes or less give a whole new meaning to air mail.