Tetris turns Thirty

Jun 7, 2014 by

Loading a moving truck is very much like the game of Tetris, Except the pieces are all different and you a re playing in 3D.

Tetris Pieces

Tetris Pieces


Tetris turned 30 in June 2014 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris

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  1. Aloha its me Joey, I live around the block and we spoke about Moving Furniture and Gardening / Farming. I just wanted to confirm that I have found your website and I’m looking it over. I must agree with your Tetris analogy with fitting the furniture. My friend in Hawaii was really the brains when it came to stacking, I was more the grunt worker, It worked out good for us because I didn’t have to think about where to stack the furniture which made the jobs simpler for me. Looks good your land. Aloha from Long Beach NY http://www.BabyMD.org

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