(Re)connecting your LinkedIn profile with your blog and other social media

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OK so it appears in December 2012  Linkedin moved and removed 3rd Party content that was connected to your profile.

LinkedIn got rid of “applications” such as Amazon’s Reading List and wordpress blog and replaced “applications” with “Media”.
But there are only certain approved media link providers

textureweb.com talks about how you can add the new media to your LinkedIn profile.

So you will need to do some tweaking on your LinkedIn personal  brand.

If you have a wordpress blog on WordPress.com ,
Enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn on your dashboard
If you self host you need to install a LinkedIn approved wordpress plugin:
Automatic’s Jetpack plugin
Then add and authorize your social networking sites to your blog thru Jetpack. When you create a post
there are options to publish that post again on social media. You can quickly edit that thru the “Add new post” screen.

Amazon’s Reading List is no longer supported and there is an email provided on the Assistance with Applications page

Not sure if there is a way to download your amazon reading list. You may email:



I am sure there will be alternative providers or a way to link a booklist to your LinkedIn profile thru your wordpress blog or other media.

Hope this helps.

Some LinkedIn links to help fix your LinkedIn links.
Assistance with Applications

LinkedIn Applications Replaced by New Rich Media Feature

Profile Media Link Providers
What kind of media can I add to my profile?

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